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How to choose LED Display Screen

1. The life span of LED
The ideal life span of LED luminous components is 100,000hours indicated by the technical data from the LED supplier. The ideal situation refers to the period that from the beginning to the time that all LED chips don
t work under the circumstance of constant voltage and current. 100,000hours is equivalent to 11years.
The volume of one bucket is determined by the bottom, and the life span of LED Display Screen is less than 8 years with the use of civil components. From the point of watching function, it
s not worthy or qualified if images displayed on one screen is clear only at night.
The life span of one car is 15 years, while, it
s worthless if its idle for 3 years. 
Consequently, the environment and method of use is significant to products.

2. Comply with national standards
The general specification of LED Display Screen is the one issued in 1995, and a lot of companies claim that they measure up to the so called national standard which is no longer the criterion 8 years later. Such as the point out of control, the rate of which is 3 ten-thousand in the national standard, and take indoor dual-color LED Screen
φ3.75 for example, the resolution of one screen with the area of 7sqm is 640X480, so the average resolution is 43264dots per sqm, and there may be 90 points out of control according to the standard, however, it is no use today.

3. Absolutely free software
The common fault in LED Screen industry among Chinese enterprises is production only, without research or development. of controller and software At present, only few companies possess official software, and it
s illegal to use pirated ones.  The software for the controller should be absolutely free ,except special software for some special project, such as software for score board, basket score board ,etc.

4. Cost performance
We judge it from the cost performance, but not the price only.

5. Grayscale
Grayscale is an important index to dual color and full-color LED Display Screen. There are LED Screens with the grayscale of 16 and 64 pretended to be ones with grayscale of 256, and the cost is one fifth of the original ones. The easiest way to distinguish them is to broadcast a match with strong competition to check the display effect.