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Large Advertising LED Display Boards and on Screen Advertising

Large Advertising LED Display Boards and on Screen Advertising
Why all enterprises, especially medium enterprises, require economic spaces to advertise their products or services? In many countries, the large LED screen television advertising boards, or full color outdoor video LED display screen advertising boards, are overshadowing the normal billboard advertisements.
Large Advertising LED Display Boards and Advertising LED Screens
Consider the following points when thinking about buying a large advertising LED display board:
·    You can build your own LED display advertising board, buying and integrating them into pedestals or supports;
·    Or, you can be a distributor of a company that manufactures electronic LED display advertising boards;
·    It is ideal to negotiate with people in charge of marketing of shopping malls, universities and other places where there are a large number of spectators and visitors;
·    The initial investment ranges around $40000 USD, considering that for a high resolution LED display screen of 12 square meters cost about $35,000 USD;
·    In areas where there is a lot of sunlight or where the display will be placed in direct sunlight, consider buying a LED display screen that has at least a brightness of 5,500 Nits or 5,500 cd/m2, so it can be seen without having troubles of low brightness;
·    If you are in charge of controlling, scheduling and programming the advertisements of the LED screen, then you can get a specialized software and connect your LED screens over the Internet (LED Studio has that option).
Investment Factor Large Electronic LED Display Screens
MY LED Technologies can offer you also large electronic LED display screens of such a size and even bigger or smaller. You can consult our sales team to help you and give you the best possible option that suits you the best.
Economic High Quality LED Video Screen Displays
Most providers of electronic LED displays focus more on the large company markets which of course have more budget, leaving aside the small business with low budgets. A high quality electronic large LED display that has enough pixels to display video, photos and animations and it is also large, the minimum investment would be around $40,000 USD (excluding the VAT and Freight) for a 10mm pixel pitch with an area of nearly 5 square meters but with more than 45,000 pixels.
Do all electronic LED display screens show high quality video?
Some providers might have prices that are way below other providers prices, but what is always important to look at to determine if the LED display is worthed to buy looking at the following factors:
·    For showing videos on a LED display, it is recommended to buy a LED display of at least 45,000 pixeles to maintain the video quality
·    The brightness of the LED display is also of great importance, remember that in direct sunlight you will need at least a LED display with a brightness of 5500 NITS, and the higher the better
·    Modular LED displays are the most common LED displays which can be easily maintained
It might be cheaper to buy a large electronic LED display screen from your provider, but it is always important to know how many pixels the screen has in total, to see if it has more than 45000 you need to multiply the total number of pixel in width by the total number of pixels in height. If you get over 45,000 pixels, the LED display will be capable of display videos, photos and animations without loosing quality. For an electronic LED display that will transmit video is important to verify that it has a minimum of 45000 pixels for not getting blurry videos or color distortion.

You can easily buy an electronic LED display of 4 square meters for about 10,500 USD, but with 4096 pixels which is very low for deploying video, but enough for showing text. Knowing that small businesses have a low budget it is very difficult to get a high quality large LED video display for a super price that benefits the small businesses.

One of the most important points of showing advertisements on advertising LED displays is the quality that will be used to show the advertisements on the LED display. The price depends on the quality of the advertisements, and if the advertising will be of high quality, the price of advertising will also increase.
Energy Consumption of Large LED Displays
The Post Sale of electronic LED displays always brings many surprises to the client. One of the problems is the power consumption of the LED displays. It is always important to know how much is the consumption of the LED displays in Kilowatts per hour for to calculate the bimonthly energy consumption. Many LED displays use a type of control which is called "video frequency synchronization." It is a method that uses lots of energy and is more expensive too.

The "Scan Mode" is a method to reduce energy consumption of the electronic LED display and also the cost of the LED displays itself. But the quality of LED displays that are using "scan mode", also goes down (like the brightness), although sometimes it is not necessary to have a super quality to show advertisements on a LED display that doesn't need it. Remember that when you buy a LED display that uses scanning mode, the brightness at least has to be 5,500 Nits and higher to be seen clearly in sunlight.
Energy Consumption Difference between "Video Frequency Synchronization" and "Scan Mode"
A good example is a making an energy use comparison between a LED display screen of 12.58m2 using 16mm Cree LED′s using video frequency synchronization, comparing it with another screen with the same area but using scan mode to control the screen with 16mm Taiwan LED′s.

The energy use of the electronic screen with Cree LED's with a size of 12.58 sq meters is about 15.10 Kw/h, and for the electronic LED display with Taiwan LED′s the energy consumption is about 7.55 Kw/h, which is about half of the energy consumption used with the Cree LED′s using video frequency synchronization. And the the most surprising part is that the electronic LED display with Taiwan LED′s costs nearly $45,000 USD, and the the LED display with Cree LED′s around $65,000 USD. So this means that there is a difference of $20,000 USD in both LED displays, but the quality is about the same.
Buying and Post Sales of Electronic LED Displays
MY LED Technologies always configures its′ LED displays in such a way that it completely fits every client its needs in terms of quality and cost. MY LED Technologies can offer you also large electronic LED display screens of such a size and even bigger or smaller. Our LED displays have up to 2 years of guarantee to assure you the quality of our LED displays we are selling you. You can consult our sales team to help you and give you the best possible option that suits you the best.