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How to avoid trading company?

DO NOT Trust the suppliers that have the following features:
1) Have not its own domain name website, only have an sub-domain website;
2) The supplier's just have a mobile phone number, like +86-13-xxxx-xxxxx, or +86-15-;, They dont have any landline or fax.
3) The supplier website don't have detail office address, no suite number etc.,
4) Claimed “a Hong Kong company”, but the contact phone number will be from china mainland origin-, and the address is not Hong Kong address. You can check Hong Kong company registration info at
5) Posted thousands of products in Alibaba that that its price is very cheap;
6) Selling famous brand, please notice all famous brand is hard to ship to oversea if don't have the export license;
7) Not only the goods price is very cheap, but also the shipping rate is also very cheap or free.
8) Ask the supplier tell you its office's address, say “you will assign some one to visit his/her office”, check what he/she say;
9) Trust your first feeling, if you don't feel safe, and then give up this supplier. You can use our true identity verification service, or cash on delivery service, or personal shopper service.