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Advertising LED screen displays and DMX Technologies

Advertising LED screen displays and DMX Technologies
The advertising LED screen displays broadcast information of high priority and can display messages when the time factor is highly critical. Today these advertising LED display screens are already operating in many fast food restaurants, allowing them, as a valuable tool, to increase their advertising quality, customer service and consequently affect its sales in general.

As a customer, the advertising LED display screens let you check the status of your order, which give you the certainty and clearness, knowing the right status of the service that you have already paid for. At airports, advertising LED display screens provide assistance in providing constant and updated flight information and flight times. Many banks provide useful information to the community as reminders of key data, climate data and other reliable publications and practices that keep us informed through outdoor and indoor advertising LED display screens.
Accessibility DMX Technologies with Advertising LED Display Screens
The opposite, of what people believe, LED advertising display screens are now truly full accessible. So far, the technology of advertising LED display screens had been accessible only for big productions such as shows in stadiums, tours of famous singers and pop stars, or firms with high investment, sports, etc.

The minimum initial investment to own an advertising LED display screen with high definition, buying from DMX Technologies, ranges from 30, 50, 80, 120 thousand U.S. dollars, depending first and foremost, the pixel quantity of the panels and secondly, the total number of panels that are included in the LED display screen.

In short, we can now offer advertising LED display screens,with a hyper price - performance ratio: the cost-benefit standard:
·    Our LED Display Screens have a warranty up to 5 years (depending on the configuration);
·    LED Displays with high brightness LED′s for placing in direct sunlight;
·    Modular LED display screens and easy to maintain;
·    Always Consulting and Custom Service Support if is required;
·    Delivery CIF advertising LED screens
·    Receive your advertising LED display screens in less than 20 days (depending on the LED display configuration and shipping method)
·    Advice on optimizing the LED display equipment and functionality
·    Provision of measurable performance data for the LED display screen;
·    Post sale assistance (after sale);
·    High expertise and know-how about LED display products;
·    Personalized sale and less than 24 hours response on all inquiries.
Advantages of Advertising LED Display Screens
All our recommendations are based on studies conducted under international standards, ensuring confidence in the veracity of descriptive data, as in relevant info of the operation. All this with the goal to offer a direct and honest communication, personalized attention, we are looking for to provide you with the best support.

Another advantage of our LED display screens  is that are built by pre-designed panels and measures standards, once you own your screen advertising, you have the alternative to change the LED display, depending on how long you are willing to rent it, in that way the returns of investment will considerably improve. In fact, taking enough panels could be divided into two or more screens, which are controlled by a single control system, or go to attach panels to get a greater benefit.
Investment Factor Large Electronic LED Display Screens
As we see the investment will increase in the same rate the real size of pixels and screen does, resulting in greater possibility of dynamism and quality in their reproduction. We can verify this having a total of at least 45,000 pixels for every LED display screen which will be used for high quality video, so the video quality is guaranteed. Any combination of panels with fewer than 45,000 is under the minimum to get a good quality LED display screen.

Additional Information Regarding LED Display Screens
The advertising screens are built based on small LED modules, made up of generally 8x8 or 8x16 pixels (1 pixel = 1 Led RGB), these LED modules are assembled in LED panels (4x4 LED modules per LED panel, as the size of that panel); finally we must attach as many LED panels (default size by the number of modules LED) as necessary to get closer to the desired on-screen advertising LED display.