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Dynamic LED wall

Dynamic LED videowall


Certificate : CE ROSH,
Application: in / outoor advertising
Pixel Pitch: P1.25 to P10
Brightness: 800 to 7000 nits
Refresh rate: 3840Hz
Module size 192x192 or 320x320mm

What does the Horizon Wave Screen bring to the advertising industry?

It can be used as a whole big screen
Focus people's sight through waves
Use the wave bulging effect of the screen to focus people's attention and point to the core content of the screen.
Rich and interesting creative display

Mario Game
Let the convexity of the square match the picture to produce a three-dimensional effect, that is, interesting and eye-catching.

Subversive high-end outdoor LED large screen
The undulating wave screen flows like a wave, quickly catching the attention of the masses through creativity, media innovation, and maximizing the value of positional advertising.
Central City Commercial Street, Shopping Center Plaza, Transportation Hub Center
The traditional large-scale LED advertising screen billboards are not attractive, and the single urban lighting project can't stand out from the environment. You Jingzhi can customize large-scale wave screens, which can transform the original advertising space according to the actual situation, so that the advertising value is greatly increased and upgraded.

Rich and inte

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