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F-DOT Flexible outdoor led curtain F-DOT Flexible outdoor led curtain 2

F-DOT flexible outdoor led curtain


Application: Outdoor indoor
Pixel Pitch: P40,55,80,110,160
Pixel Layout: SMD3535 in one
Brightness: 5000nits
Refresh rate: ≥2000Hz
Module size 0.32 x 2.56m
Certificates: CE,ROHS, CCC

 Marjor Features:
F-Dot is a kind of linear led display and decorative lighting, which can be connected into large size transparent mesh flexible soft led display screens. With flexible installation methods, light-weight body, and high transparency, F-Dot can be adapted to bending, folding, winding, hanging and other installation methods, being spliced into various shapes, full of artistic quality and creativity. So F-Dot is very nice solution for large size video displaying with led video technology, as well as stage design, ceiling, wall decoration or any other building façade, both for indoor and outdoor uses.
Main Advantages
    1. IP66, suitable for permanent outdoor or indoor uses
    2. It can be customized pixel pitch, size and shapes. Minimum pixel pitch is 40 mm.

    3. It can be Multi-purpose installation accessories, flexible installation ways for various applications.
    4. High light transmittance. Stage lights, smoke, sound can be unblocked.
    5. Can be arranged as led pixel dot, led strip lighting, and soft mesh led screens, showing nice graphics and    video effect.
    6. Irregular shape and snapshot effect available, no worrying about environment restrictions
    7. A product has variety of applications, making the design simpler. It is the best choice for Creative Design Company.
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