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According to the feedback of clients, there are a few problems existing in current LED panel market, such as Difficulty of Maintenance, High Cost for Maintenance Service, Extra Large Space needed for Rear Maintenance and etc. In order to reach clients' best interest, Shenzhen Myled has developed P10, P16  and P20 Dual-channel Maintenance Full Color LED Display to solve all the problems mentioned above. Clients can provide maintenance service, either standing in front of LED panel, or standing in rear space of LED Screen; in this case, the maintenance fee has decreased tremendously and the maintenance service becomes a lot easier. 
The Main Features of Front&Rear Dual-channel Maintenance LED panel:

1. Screws become unnecessary between LED modules and cabinets; without screws, the demounting and mounting process becomes a lot easier. Within a few seconds, the LED module can be demounted off the cabinet so that the working efficiency is highly enhanced.

2. Cabinets become a lot thin and light, with thickness 115mm and weight 26kg in maximum. Compared with similar products in the existing market, it is more light and thinner.

3. More space has been saved, compared with large space needed for maintenance service within tradtional LED Display.