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  • From Mini-LED to Micro-LED Displays

    2020 and 2021 are the years for the Mini-LED displays to boost. From Samsung to LG, from TCL to BOE, from Konka to Hisense, these players all launched their product lines based on Mini-LEDs. Apple also puts this technology into its future product lines. Backlit Mini-LEDs' taking off has also paved t... [2021-09-26]

  • How to Start Your Own LED Display Screen Assembly Line?

    How to Start Your Own LED Display Screen Assembly Line? The answer is DON'T think it too complicated and plan big at first.   First, to have a quick lesson on LED light display screen, let you have a clear picture. There is 7 factors you need to consider for making a LED... [2020-02-27]

  • 3 Ways Light Can Affect Your Daily Mood

    If like the idea of your surroundings improving your mood and health, then you might be interested in what bespoke LED displays for your interiors can do for you. Many of us don’t recognize, just how much lighting really does effect many aspects of our lives - waking you up in the mornings and ... [2017-05-26]

  • Large-area LED display industry faces pricing and supply challenges

    The LED display industry needs intelligent pricing that enables sustainable businesses, as well as a secure supply chain, including reliable LED suppliers, writes PETER PIHOS of EDG RESEARCH. By Peter Pihos  The large-area display (LAD) industry has returned to positive gr... [2017-05-26]

  • Comparison And Differences Between LED Technologies: DIP vs. SMD vs. COB vs. MCOB

      Choosing an LED technology is like choosing the right winter coat to wear: there are different models that provide more or less features depending on what you might need. Once you decide the features you want from your LED, you can easily choose the package type accordingly. The “package typ... [2015-07-16]

  • Large LED displays appear in Liverpool and Times Square

    Despite the protests of large LED screens in both Berlin and Moscow, we believe that this 31 metre in length by 7 metre high digital billboard from Ocean Outdoor in Liverpool, UK is Europe’s largest commercial (i.e. takes advertising) LED. You don’t get to buy / build billboards this big ... [2014-11-22]

  • How to choose LED Display Screen

    1. The life span of LED The ideal life span of LED luminous components is 100,000hours indicated by the technical data from the LED supplier. The ideal situation refers to the period that from the beginning to the time that all LED chips don’t work under the circumstance of constant voltage and... [2014-05-29]

  • What’s the scan mode for LED display ?

    What’s the scan mode for LED display ? The scanning mode of LED display confused many people, what’s does it work? And what’s this affect for LED screen? Here give you detail information: Mean LED is driven by IC Means LED is off. Each drive IC have 16 pins, and can drive 16 LED chip ... [2014-04-16]

  • Large Advertising LED Display Boards and on Screen Advertising

    Large Advertising LED Display Boards and on Screen Advertising Why all enterprises, especially medium enterprises, require economic spaces to advertise their products or services? In many countries, the large LED screen television advertising boards, or full color outdoor video LED display ... [2012-10-18]

  • How to avoid trading company?

    DO NOT Trust the suppliers that have the following features: 1) Have not its own domain name website, only have an sub-domain website; 2) The supplier's just have a mobile phone number, like +86-13-xxxx-xxxxx, or +86-15-;, They dont have any landline or fax. ... [2012-10-18]

  • Advertising LED screen displays and DMX Technologies

    Advertising LED screen displays and DMX Technologies The advertising LED screen displays broadcast information of high priority and can display messages when the time factor is highly critical. Today these advertising LED display screens are already operating in many fast food restaurants,... [2012-10-18]

  • A 3-D light emitting diode (LED) Screen

    This amazing lighting is the 3D LED Display. It builds with 25,000 lightballs, each lightball containing 12 LED. It can display 16 million colors and 25 images per second.(Wow!). It developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich for their 150th anniversary. It is 5 by 5 by 1 meter ... [2012-10-11]

  • What is a Diode?

    A diode is the simplest sort of semiconductor device. Broadly speaking, a semiconductor is a material with a varying ability to conduct electrical current. Most semiconductors are made of a poor conductor that has had impurities (atoms of another material) added to it. The process of adding i... [2020-04-11]