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LED Screen

  •  Soft Flexible LED display

    Soft Flexible LED display

    Ultra-flexible It's available for customized design, such like rolling, bending and swing. based on customer's ...


  • Germany P20

     Germany P20 Location: Germany,   LED display size: 76sqm,  Model: P20 2R1G1B Virtual led display

  • New Deli P5

     New Deli P5 Location:India Auto Expo Size: 24sqm Model: P5 indoor full color led display

  • Sheraton Hotel P6

     Sheraton Hotel P6 Location:China Size: 126sqm Model: P6 indoor full color led display

  • Flora P10

     Flora P10 Location:Flora USA Size: 12sqm Model: P10

  • Dubai P20

     Dubai P20 Location: Dubai UAE Size: 56sqm Model: P20 2R1G1B


     MALAYSIA P16 Location: MALAYSIA Size: 76sqm Model: P16 2R1G1B

  • Czech republic P16

     Czech republic P16 Location: Czech republic Size: 18sqm Model: P16 2R1G1B

  • Orient Hotel P10

     Orient Hotel P10 Location: China Size: 24sqm Model: P10

  • LED spotlight and LED downlight

     LED spotlight and LED downlight Location: Hotel of Germany Model:  LED spotlight ,led downlight and LED tube